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Delivering the future tense of data & technology in capital markets

The WatersTechnology Insight hub is your one stop shop for our innovative live and downloadable content focusing on data and technology within capital markets. Here you can find dynamic content on everything from data management and artificial intelligence to technology and innovation.

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AI Poised to Transform Reconciliations

SmartStream AIR is designed specifically to allow capital markets firms to manage their reconciliations functions on an ad hoc basis.

This research paper charts the progress of the platform, from its inception around the start of 2018 to its launch, and focuses on the new ground it breaks in what is historically a complex, expensive and invariably laborious process within large numbers of capital markets firms.


Exploring the critical role of alternative data under Covid-19: enhancing data-driven decision-making

Focusing on how alternative data is playing a huge part in the short and long term impacts of Covid-19.



Wei-Shen Wong, Asia Editor, and Anthony Malakian, Editor-in-Chief of WatersTechnology, record a weekly podcast touching on the biggest stories in financial technology.


Realign your marketing strategy

As the news regarding coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to develop, the growing impact on businesses across the globe is evolving and decision makers are adjusting their 2020 strategic plans.

As we collectively experience the ‘new normal’ businesses are rapidly adapting, and so are we. We have developed a set of solutions to ensure we help you connect with new clients and provide you with the opportunity to build an ongoing dialogue.

We hope that by connecting you virtually with your target audiences across the globe, we can be part of the journey of accelerating your business within this changing environment.